Birth Beyond Hollywood

One of my favourite bloggers, Park Confessional, has very recently given birth to her second child. Her birth was a profound and beautiful experience…two times lucky. This piece featured recently on Park Confessional. If you would like to read more from her blog, you won’t be disappointed. Please say hello from Mother Ink.

The Day of My Precious New Baby’s Birth

It’s late, dark and quiet. I wake suddenly and feel a feeling I’ve had once before in my tummy, a strong sensation that’s recognizable yet still begs a question – is it time? Can this be it at last? I sit with it for a few minutes, smiling to myself as my confidence grows that yes, yes, this IS it, and my beautiful, strong, resilient 2nd baby is about to enter our lives. I nudge my husband awake and say, ” it’s time, our baby is ready” and he is overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

We check on our little boy, our unbelievable first born miracle, and call granny to come and stay with him until morning. There are tears of joy and love everywhere. We are filled with eager anticipation and play final guessing games – boy or girl? No one minds! We are just so ecstatic about our baby’s arrival. The sensation is building fast and we call the hospital en route to let them know our baby is coming. There is no pain, just breath, and calmness and a certainty that I can do it, that between my baby and I we hold all the secrets of the universe in us, and we are an all-powerful team that no one and nothing can beat. I hold my hubby’s hand as we drive through the twinkling lights of early morning and promise I will try not to vomit on him this time. We have our overnight bag, our iPad music and our oils. We are ready. We are calm and joyous.

We arrive and it is calm and peaceful. Baby is eager to join us and we breathe, breathe, breathe and it is fast yet slow, only as fast as it needs to be, as we work together, harnessing all of the power of the universe. The nurses tell us how well we are doing, my body remembers and it embraces this amazing journey for a 2nd time.

I feel my baby responding, willing its way into our world, knowing that it is loved entirely and has the most special place in our lives. It is easy now, and before I can grasp just how easy and magnificent, my baby is with us, perfect and curious, a wonderful beloved child that we longed for and hoped for so desperately. It is early morning now, the daylight spills into our room and our baby feeds, hungrily, happily, part of me still, yet already its own self. We are at peace together, and I marvel at how quickly and restfully baby emerged.

We enjoy the time together and wait eagerly to share it all with our family, to introduce this tiny, brilliant soul who already feels like they have always been part of us.

It is the joint best day of my life. How astoundingly lucky am I to have two?


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