Mother Ink. is an online space for women across the world to share their motherhood experiences. We believe that by reading each other’s personal stories we to understand one another, and understanding is the first step to peace.

A mother’s journey is so significant. And as mothers, we are unique, but there is much we share. Mother Ink. is understanding who we are, and how we mother. What challenges we face, what our needs are, our joys. Through sharing, mothers have a voice, and can educate and inspire other mothers, members of the community, politicians, the media…

We want women to connect with each other through their stories…to create a community.

If you are a mother, we invite you to ink your story. Delight in your own creative and reflective experience, share with others, inspire and educate. Sharing is cathartic, healing and empowering.

We hope you enjoy reading these honest stories by mothers from around the world. May every experience you read give you a new insight into being a mother.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Really love what you have created here, Zanni. Well done! x

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