Love (Another Birth Story)

This is a piece by Catherine at Cup of Tea and a Blog called “Love (Another Birth Story)“. To read more from Catherine, head over to her blog and have a read.   In the final weeks of my pregnancy I felt sad. It was a strange time. I was eager to meet the new … Continue reading

Looking for mothers to write a short piece for Mother Ink.

Hi everyone. We are currently looking for new material for Mother Ink. If you are a parent, and have a story you would like to share that relates to parenting, please comment below or email All experiences and styles of writing are welcome! We are trying to create an archive of mothering experiences, and … Continue reading

Birth Beyond Hollywood

One of my favourite bloggers, Park Confessional, has very recently given birth to her second child. Her birth was a profound and beautiful experience…two times lucky. This piece featured recently on Park Confessional. If you would like to read more from her blog, you won’t be disappointed. Please say hello from Mother Ink. The Day … Continue reading

The night of Birthing my second child, my baby boy

Mel lives in regional NSW, and has recently birthed her second baby, a boy. Mel shares this beautiful piece about the labour. I love her for it…her words carry the strength I can imagine she felt that night. My pre-labour contractions are mild but very frequent. I want to stay home. A green tree frog … Continue reading

A hard beginning

Lucy lives in country northern NSW Australia, and faced many challenges during her first months as a mother. But during this time, Lucy learnt a lot about herself, and her own limitations. This is Lucy’s story about becoming a mother. During my labour, I learnt a lot about my limits. I had great support people, … Continue reading

A Balinese mother’s story

This is Ony, who lives in Ubud, Bali. She works as a waitress at a cafe, and has one baby – a boy, who is now seven months old. Ony shares her reflections on her life as a mother – her joys, and the challenges she has faced. When I was 26 years old, I … Continue reading

Born under a blue moon

Zanni lives in Alstonville, Australia and is the mother of 18 month Elka. Zanni is a writer, and is studying Psychology externally. She is founder of Mother Ink. These are Zanni’s reflections on being a mother. I had been with Gregor for three years when we decided to have a baby, and I was turning … Continue reading

Missy’s story

Missy lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. She is a mother of three children, Piper, Paeton and Fynn – her youngest Fynn was born this year. These are Missy’s reflections on her experience of being a mother. Before my first daughter was born I was very nervous. I wasn’t sure of the pain and if … Continue reading

Memories of birthing in Portugal

This experience is taken from Sariya’s diary two weeks after the birth of her second child in Portugal. Sariya is a mother of two boys, and they now live in Byron Bay, Australia. Names have been changed. I knew in the morning that he would be coming today. There were spots of blood and mucus … Continue reading

Johanna’s story

Johanna is the mother of one baby girl. She lives on a farm between Casino and Lismore, NSW Australia. Johanna shares her experiences of her labour and her first year as a mother. I felt a little apprehensive about my labour on one hand but excited on the other.  I was looking forward to the … Continue reading