Teenagers’ actions touch everyone’s lives

HE SAYS THAT ALL HIS MOM DOES is cry and that his parents won’t look at him. This breaks my heart. I have compassion and sympathy for the kid who lent his parents’ van to an improperly licensed driver after a party at his home. The driver, possibly under the influence of weed, if his … Continue reading

Confessions of a Reluctant Hockey Mom

This piece was written by one of our readers, Karen. Karen writes with honesty about her experience as a hockey mum for the last ten years, and all the emotions that come with this role. You can read more of Karen’s writing at her blog Post Departum Depression. I am writing this piece as a kind … Continue reading

A Love of Mothering…

This is Belinda’s beautiful account of being a mother of three. She has graciously accepted the ups and downs of being a parent, and sees mothering as a gift. Belinda lives near Newcastle, NSW and is expecting her fourth baby later this year. I am a firm believer that there is never going to be … Continue reading

The night of Birthing my second child, my baby boy

Mel lives in regional NSW, and has recently birthed her second baby, a boy. Mel shares this beautiful piece about the labour. I love her for it…her words carry the strength I can imagine she felt that night. My pre-labour contractions are mild but very frequent. I want to stay home. A green tree frog … Continue reading

I’m a single mother now

Chrissie is a mother of two young children, and lives in country northern NSW, in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Australia. She has recently become a single mum. This is Chrissie’s honest account of how things are. My world is changing, as fast as the waves change out in the ocean. Everything I thought I … Continue reading